Rajat Arora Photographer

Thank you for dropping in!!! Welcome to my photography This is a place where I share my photos and short videos from latest events. 

I am a dreamer, an explorer, spontaneous, and adventurous. I will try anything once and probably do it again. I love to laugh and spread smiles. I believe in being happy and living in a happy world. I love animals and learn from them every day, in fact, I love animals so much I do not eat them. I believe in sharing, love, prosperity, and happiness for all. I think we all have a purpose in the world.

I love to  drive cars, and of course photography. I love laughs over good food and a cold beer. My name is Rajat Arora, and my philosophy in life is simple, smile, love and live to your full potential. Never look back and wish what you could have done, go out and do it!

I love to be outdoors, and I like to take photos. I’m addicted to coffee, short videos, effective hard work, hot sauce and of course traveling.

Are you still reading? Ok ok, I’ll get a bit deeper…